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Branding, Facade, Packaging, Commercials

Faben has always known to choose whats best for its costumers, as a leader company in distributing the most prestigious paints in the world, thermo isolating materials and basic materials for building and accessories, our mission was to make Faben noticeable, a great focus nationally and internationally. As it appears noticeably in Fabens logo, you can tell the diversity of colors, unity and harmony and the initials of the companies founders, guaranting the long journey Faben has made to bring the best to its clients and the environment. 
The main request from Faben was for their packaging to represent the products according to the international standards the products hold, by giving clients assurance under Fabens name. To this day we are still designing new packaging that soon will be out. Fabens distributors in the whole country feel represented by its brand. In cooperation with Faben we have also created facade branding and illuminated signs

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  • Client: Faben
  • Categories: Print
  • Date: 05/2020